Family Dentistry

Family Dental Care in Post Falls, ID

It can be difficult to find one dentist who can treat the basic oral health needs of your entire family. At the practice of Dr. Scott Johnson, you do not have to send your children to one doctor and yourself to another. Optima Dental Care offers family dentistry in Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, and all surrounding communities.

Why See a Family Dentist?

As a family dentist, Dr. Scott Johnson has the knowledge to provide general care to kids. If your children need dental cleanings or treatment for a cavity, Dr. Johnson can offer such care effectively and comfortably.

Naturally, patients who are considering our office often ask when their kids should visit a family dentist instead of a pediatric dentistry specialist. A specialist is able to treat children who have severe oral health concerns, such as decay inside a molar or structural underdevelopment, or who are completely uncooperative in seeing a dentist. In these circumstances, a pediatric dentist would be required. However, for most school-age children with mild or moderate concerns, our dentist in Post Falls will keep their smile healthy and keep them comfortable with and engaged in their care.

How We Help Your Children Stay Healthy

A child’s appointment at Optima Dental Care operates very similarly to an adult's: Dr. Johnson carefully examines the smile, lets the child and their parents know about any health concerns, recommends treatment, and conducts a cleaning and other immediately necessary care. The difference is that he accomplishes each of these steps in a kid-friendly manner. Every step is explained in a way children can understand and is performed with their comfort in mind. Not only does Dr. Johnson protect their smile, but he does so in a way that helps them feel like smiling at the dentist!

Our practice also provides some treatments that best help children keep their smile healthy between appointments: fluoride and sealants. Even when they receive the in-office care and oral hygiene education that Dr. Johnson provides, children are more susceptible to cavities because they are still learning how to properly clean their teeth. Fluoride applications make the enamel more resilient to the bacterial acids that cause cavities, and sealants are plastic coatings the prevent food and bacteria from sticking to a child’s molars.

Contact Us for Your Family’s Dental Needs

Optima Dental Care is happy to help patients of any age keep their teeth healthy. Our family dental services in Post Falls are a convenient and effective solution to keeping your children’s smiles, as well as your own, in a state of optimal health. For more information about our approach to oral health care, call our practice and schedule your family’s next appointment today!


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