Moderate Sedation Dentistry

Helping Patients Relax in Post Falls, ID

Dental care is about both the quality of the treatment provided and the comfort level of the patient receiving that care. In addition to performing first-rate dental procedures, Dr. Scott Johnson can prescribe medicinal aid to help patients stay relaxed throughout their care. Optima Dental Care provides moderate sedation dentistry to patients in Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, and the surrounding communities.

What Is Moderate Sedation?

Many patients are perfectly comfortable visiting the dentist, but many others are not. Whether due to unfortunate personal incidents or stories they have heard, many people become anxious or afraid at the thought of visiting the dentist. When patients fighting these phobias visit a dental practice, the dentist must be able to help them stay comfortable and have a positive experience throughout the visit.

To meet this goal, our dentist in Post Falls uses moderate sedation. Dr. Johnson prescribes some pills that you take one hour before your dental appointment is scheduled to begin. By the time you arrive at Optima Dental Care, the medicine will have taken effect and you will be relaxed for your appointment. You do not fall asleep at all; you simply rest in a state of consciousness just above sleep, wherein you can respond and communicate without having to feel any negative sensations.

Additionally, for many patients, the medicine also helps the appointment feel faster than it is. A lengthy treatment will often feel only five minutes long. If you are visiting Dr. Johnson to undergo a particularly extensive procedure, you can use moderate sedation to maintain your comfort over the course of care.

Is Moderate Sedation Safe?

When prescribing this method, Dr. Johnson takes your personal medical history and current health into account. As long as you are an adult in good health, this relaxation aid may be right for you. However,  you must arrange transportation to and from your appointment when you undergo moderate sedation. You will not be able to drive a car due to drowsiness and residual effects.

In the event that age, health, or extensiveness of care prevents you from benefiting from moderate sedation, Dr. Johnson can provide you with nitrous oxide instead.

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Optima Dental Care offers moderate sedation dentistry in Post Falls and beyond. This medical treatment, in addition to our office atmosphere, helps our clients stay relaxed throughout their visit. For more information, call our practice and schedule your next appointment with us today!


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