Periodontal Laser Treatment

A noninvasive alternative to gum surgery

During laser surgery, the laser directs a small amount of energy between your gum and tooth. The laser removes the diseased tissue, eliminating the infection. All of this is done without making any type of incision.

After removing the diseased tissue, the laser immediately cauterizes the wound. Unlike traditional gum surgery, where bleeding gums are practically the norm, little to no bleeding is experienced during laser gum surgery. An added benefit of the laser is its ability to seal nerve endings. The entire process reults in onlhy minor discomfort making local anesthesia and even sedation dentistry unnecessary.

Cosmetic reshaping of gums

The laser can actually adjust the gumline and improve your smile.

Reduction of Hyperplastic Tissue

patients who wear dental braces, or are taking certain medicines, are prone to the overgrowth of gum tissue.



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